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Poetry has always been a hobby of mine. Sometimes I’ll hear or read something very short, and boom, a get a whole poem from one little idea. I find it fitting that this poem ended up being published on Halloween this year. Not something I planned, that’s just how it worked out!

Any Christian seasoned in spiritual warfare will tell you the battle is very, very real. I wouldn’t say I was depressed while going through cancer treatment, but boy I put up one heck of a fight for my mind! During this critical point in my life, I felt like I was being attacked constantly by demons that were trying to rip every last bit of happiness away from me. I ended up writing Monsters a few months ago, as I remembered that battle in my mind. The title is fitting, because that’s exactly how I felt.

This poem was also a reminder to myself that nothing lasts forever. Not cancer, not my sad feelings. I wouldn’t allow my brain to stay camped out in its sad, depressed state; I would cry and move on. Ultimately I won the battle for my mind, but it was a fight I won’t soon forget.

Monsters: A Short Poem

Monsters: a short poem by Jennifer Boyle


Hope you enjoyed it!

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