phuket thailand day three

People love amusement parks, and Thailand was no different! Phuket had its own version of Disney Land called FantaSea, and it was quite an interesting place. It wasn’t what we expected when we booked our tour from the Navy. What we got was ultimately fun, but completely unexpected.

Day 3: Phuket FantaSea

As we exited the bus at the front gate, we stood and slowly looked around, realizing we were definitely not going to anything close to Cirque du Soleil, which is what the original description of the tour made FantaSea out to be. It was so cartoon-ish that we thought we had walked into a kid’s amusement park.

entering FantaSea in Phuket

We were so tired that we really didn’t mind exploring the park. We had hours before we had to check back into our ship, so we shrugged and decided to make the best of it.

FantaSea - Phuket's version of Disney Land

Our exhaustion was really beginning to take a toll, and we had a hard time focusing. We ended up collapsing into silly laughter. Photos like these are my favorite, because no one’s posing and memories are captured the second they happen.

Tired and silly

Phuket is also known as a heaven for pearl lovers. You can get authentic, real pearls for a fraction of what you would spend in the States. I had my eye on the lookout for a classic pearl necklace ever since I set foot into Phuket, and FantaSea gave me my chance!

Pearls & Pecking Duck

I ended up getting my pearls at the shop below. They were busy, so if you go be prepared to wait in line. The jeweler that helped me was extremely polite and very professional, and she took her time, despite all the people in the store, to help me find the perfect pearl necklace that would suit my budget. I walked away one very happy customer!

Pearl Store in FantaSea

I’m a sucker for architecture, and although the temple below is a reconstruction, its design is based on those you would have found around ancient Thailand and Cambodia. They worked hard to make it as authentic as possible. It ended up being the theater for FantaSea’s night performance, Fantasy of a Kingdom.

in front of the FantaSea Theater

Replica statue from FantaSea temple theater.

FantaSea Statue

The entrance to the dining hall was by far the most visually stunning piece of architecture at FantaSea. I loved the intricate designs around the arches, and the gold plated restaurant entrance really called to our hungry bellies.

entrance to the dining hall

Once inside, we realized it was buffet-style dining. The Peking Duck was delicious with their plum sauce. A bit pricey, and some of the items weren’t as delicious as they looked. But the dining hall echoed all the voices of the patrons once it began to fill up, and you could hear accents and different languages half-way across the dining hall.

FantaSea restaurant, buffet was delicious!

Fantasy of a Kingdom

Once we chowed down our meals, we were surprised to see how quickly night had fallen. The temple theater was bathed in mood lighting, real torches were lit on the outside, and we were ushered into the walkway leading toward the theater…

ready for the show

…and we walked into the cutest photo opportunity ever! We couldn’t resist the chance to feed and pet a real baby tiger! An employee took our picture because all personal cameras are collected before entering the theater.

petting a tiger at fantasea

There was no way I was throwing my camera into a basket with everyone else’s. Luckily, my camera was black, as was the inside of my purse. I hid it down in the bottom so when an employee looked into my bag, it was pretty much invisible.

We couldn’t take pictures of the show, but you can watch a portion of the show here. Overall, it was a neat experience! It’s quite a cultural treat to get to experience a theme park in another country. It’s a cultural experience all on its own!

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