Egg cartons accumulate around my house quicker than I can blink. I’ve recently wondered if there was something useful I could use them for rather than just throwing them out (well, recycling). A quick search and I came across several interesting ideas of recycling egg cartons into something useful!

Seed Starters

Egg cartons make excellent starters for seedlings. The carton (if cardboard) is biodegradable, so the seedlings can be separated and directly planted into larger containers. The carton seed starter can also be wrapped in a clear gallon bag and tied off, which converts it into a simple greenhouse. I’m personally going to give this one a shot when it’s time to start my seeds indoors.

Fire Starters

Use egg cartons to make easy fire starters. They’ll keep really well and are easy to use. You’ll get several fire starters out of a single egg carton.

Bird Feeders

It’s a great reusable way to help feed your feathered friends, and it’s super easy to make. Check out the tutorial from Creative Cubby.

Ornament Storage

Small, fragile ornaments can benefit from the extra protection. Place them in the carton for safe storage before packing them away.

Paint Palettes

Use it to separate your paint colors. Poke small holes in the middle upright portions of the egg cartons to hold individual paint brushes. Use foam cartons to hold water.


Hold buttons, jewelry, earrings, small safety pins, sequins, push pins, paper clips, screws, nuts, bolts…anything small and easily lost.

Spice Up Decor

Turn your egg cartons into roses. You can then add them to other craft projects or use them to spice up decor, such as thisĀ nifty lamp.

Charcoal Grill Starter

Pack your charcoal into egg cartons. The egg carton will catch fire and light the charcoal briquettes.

Egg Carton Toys

Spend some time with your kids making these egg carton vehicles.

Gift Wrapping

Painted, decorated, and tied up with string or ribbon, egg cartons can make a creative alternative to common wrapping paper.

Food Carrier

Line the wells with mini cupcake liners and use the egg carton as a candy caddy for mini cupcakes, truffles, and other homemade candies.

What are some other ideas you have for up-cycling egg cartons?

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