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*This page contains affiliate links. Everything I listed here I have used myself.

During my cancer journey and beyond, I’ve come across some interesting resources and links that have helped me make it through my cancer diagnosis. I’m attempting to collect everything here, in my “resource center”, to make them easier for people like you to find! This page is going to be a work in progress for a while, so if you have any questions, or want to share a resource that has helped you, then please let me know and I’ll get the information up here as soon as I can.

Breast Cancer Resourcesbreast cancer research foundation

This foundation does an amazing job of posting breakthroughs in breast cancer treatment. Their researchers are busting their butts to gather as much information as they can to find a cure once and for all. Read their blog to stay up-to-date on the new treatment methods and research results.

young survival coalition

Just because you’re younger than the age group that normally gets breast cancer, doesn’t mean you can’t get cancer. All the doctors told me there was no way I had cancer when I was diagnosed at 31. I am now considered a young survival. Even women in their 20’s can get breast cancer. This is a valuable resource for every woman who feels like she’s isolated because of her young age. This group has local meetups and online discussion boards. You’re not

This was probably one of the most useful sites I came across. It can walk you through every aspect of your treatment, from diagnosis and starting chemotherapy, to surgery and life after cancer. It does a great job of explaining side effects and management, as well as what to expect for surgery and recovery. If you’re like me and you want to understand more about what you’re getting into with this whole breast cancer journey, I highly suggest you check out this site.

living beyond breast cancer

This is a great resource for Triple Negative Breast Cancer patients, as well as metastatic breast cancer. Many of the women in the blogs talk about their own journeys, the clinical trials they’re participating in, why they decided to go that route, and how to get into certain trials. If knowledge is power this site is a power house!

my breast choice

This woman is amazing. She’s very candid about finding her cancer, her treatment choices, and her road to recovery. Her site has been one of the best breast cancer sites for a while now, and one quick look around makes it easy to see why. She has loads of resources and runs Her humor and honestly about her breast caner journey is refreshing, enlightening, and inspiring.









This company is 100% awesome! Yes, I use their products. No, I do not get paid to endorse their products, nor do I receive discounts for any type of endorsement. I just really love these sleeves! I have several, and this is the place I got my “Warning: Restricted Limb” sleeve. Doctors and nurses loved this sleeve so much they let me wear it through my medical procedures. If you’re in need of something stylish and fun, I highly suggest looking through this catalog. They’re always coming out with new styles, to be sure to keep an eye out!




bag and boob babes

Bag & Boob Babes are the makers of the Knitted Knockers, which are light-weight breast prosthesis. They also sew drain aprons for mastectomies. If you send them your information and the date of your surgery, they will send you two little arm pillows and a drain apron FOR FREE!

shoulder shirt

These Shoulder Shirts from Etsy were an amazing find! I absolutely loved my shirt – I slept in it, wore it to doctors visits, and basically lived in it after my mastectomies. It’s almost half the price of any mastectomy shirt I found, and I would purchase one again in a heartbeat if I had to go through this type of surgery again. If you’re looking for a lower-cost option for a post-mastectomy shirt, I highly recommend this one. Downside: it doesn’t have drain pockets, so get your free apron from Bag & Boob Babes.



Radiationlanolin oil

This lanolin oil was amazing during my radiation therapy. I made sure to rub this into my skin and, with my homemade skin salve, I’m pretty sure this saved my skin. I came away with a “sunburn” instead of being purple and blistering. Someone once saw my pictures and scoffed “well, you’re still burned!“, as if it didn’t do anything. If you want to know what radiation burns can look like, then click here. Then tell me what I did didn’t work. I have another lady in my support group that tried everything I told her to do, and she was thanking me for all the advice. Seriously. This stuff works. If you want to know my routine, check out How I Held My Skin Together During Radiation Therapy.


Skin Care


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