Thanksgiving is just around the corner; wow, how time flies! The great part about this time of the year is that nature provides nearly everything you need to easily decorate for the holidays. That being said, here are 13 fabulous Thanksgiving centerpieces you can make quickly!

1. Candle Chalk Box

Give Thanks centerpiece

Complete instructions found at thefrugalhomemaker

2. Mini Pumpkin Vases

Each pumpkin is hallowed out and holds a small vase of water for fresh flowers, which you can get at any grocery store this time of year.

Found at

3. Pumpkins and Berries

The page for this one has since been deleted, but I can’t imagine that it would take much for this one to be thrown together quickly. Everything here I’ve seen at a Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

Source Unknown

4. Upside-Down Candle Holders

Same as the previous idea. No real instructions, but I believe you could probably obtain much of this at any craft or dollar store.

Source Unknown

5. Clementines, Candles, and Pine

Clementines, candles, and pine

This is one I’ll have to try! Living in the Pacific Northwest, Pine trees are in abundance! I can only imagine how good this would smell on the dinner table!

Found at MidwestLiving

6. Autumn Log

Autumn Log

Found on Jenna Burger Design

7. Large Pumpkin Vase with Flowers

Found at

8. Baked Bread Cornucopia

This one is really unique – It’s actually fresh baked bread! The page where this is found gives you detailed step-by-step instructions. It’s quite genius (and I bet it smells fabulous!).

Found at Lily Shop

9. Lit From Within

I have never seen this one before! The original page is in German, but at the link below, they pretty much sum up how to achieve the same effect. I love the idea of using cordless LED candles so you don’t have to worry about plugging it into a light source.

Found at

10. Paper Pumpkins

Found at

11. Fall Leaf Mason Jars

Cheap, easy to make, and still looks great for those of us (myself included) on a budget!

Found at

12. Pumpkin Candle Holders

Found at

13. Apples and Eucalyptus

Found at

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